How does it work

In simple terms, automated trading bots can make trades on your behalf even while you are sleeping. Every 2 minutes the bot checks the market to see if a trade within your set parameters should be made. 

  • Connect

    Connect Illuminex to your Binance or Coinbase PRO accounts.

  • Secure

    Illuminex never takes custody of your crypto assets. They remain in your preferred exchange account.

  • Set Up

    You set up simple trading parameters in the bot.

  • Freedom

    You can start, stop, or change trading parameters anytime.

  • Go Bigger

    Manually Trade for free with our custom alerts and efficient interface.

  • Simple Bot

    Reduce your missed opportunities and enjoy low transactional fuel costs.

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Complete Platform

Create, simulate, and manage your trading strategies simply and securely. Your user settings and reports are accessible from any computer, tablet, and or mobile device.

Simple to use

2 minute trade intervals

Up to 50 bots trading at once

Custom alerts




Live Manual Trades with up to 100 custom alerts.

Demo (practice) “Simple Bot” with real market data to see how it works.

Full personal exchange account reporting.

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Lumin Basic

$50 Monthly

  • Simple Bot and Manual Trade Tool demo accounts to practice strategies

  •  2 Live accounts per exchange

  •  “Manual Trading Tool” with 100 Custom Alerts

  •  “Simple Bot” trading with 2-minute market check intervals.

  •  Up to 25 Simple Bots running at a time.

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Lumin Advanced

$100 Monthly

  •  Simple Bot and Manual Trade Tool demo accounts to practice strategies.

  •  2 Live accounts per exchange.

  •  Manual Trading Tool with up to 500 custom alerts

  •  1 minute!! Simple Bot market check intervals.

  •  Up to 50 Simple Bots running at a time.

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A trading platform for everyone!

The bots and manuals trades are simple to set up and track
You can use bots to control up the 50 different coins at one time.
Low-cost trasactional Fuel.
Demo accoount available so you can test configurations.
Useful information and notification make manual trades much easier.
A complet history of trasaction data.
Referral bonus paid montly when someone uses your referral code.

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