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The oft-used phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” couldn’t be more apt in regards to the birth of Illuminex. Whilst trying to blaze trails by developing products in a very unstructured and immature blockchain environment, the creator of Illuminex needed a way to actively engage in the lucrative world of cryptocurrency trading. But, like many others, he was already overwhelmed by a crowded daily itinerary and mounting obstacles. Staring at charts, memorizing patterns, looking for signals, and making educated guesses on market changes was not in the cards. He knew he needed a solution because trading crypto had become a critical vertical to the success of mounting blockchain projects.

With his back against the proverbial wall, he hatched an idea and dedicated what resources he could spare to make it happen. With the help of a single developer and a lot of sleepless nights, the Illuminex Simple Trading Tools were born. These tools included automation to trade even when you are sleeping and a manual trade tool that has quickly digestible information and custom alerts so you don’t miss out on valuable trading opportunities.

There were certainly already offerings out there that were meant to provide solutions for his problem, but they were complicated and unfriendly. These other solutions still required time for education and a steep learning curve. In developing Illuminex, the focus was to make it as “simple” as possible to get the best results possible. Make something that even a beginner in the cryptocurrency world could immediately understand and participate in. Illuminex feels they are living up to the goal of creating simple tools by creating easily navigable interfaces and using lingo that can be understood even by industry outsiders. Constant updates and upgrades are driven by much-appreciated user feedback

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