Simple Bot

Crypto trading can be complicated and frustrating. So, we developed a way to automize and simplify your trading experience. If you miss out on trading opportunities because you don’t have the expertise or time to stare at charts all day, we have a solution.


Choose a membership
Connect your Binance or Coinbase Pro accounts
Purchase some low-cost bot fuel (Kala Fuel).
Enter a few bits of information for your desired outcome.
Now, let the bot go to work. It will check the market every 2 minutes!
The bot can be changed, paused, or canceled at any time.
You can sign up for free and create a demo account to see how it works.
Up to 50 bots can run at the same time depending on your membership.
You will get full access to transactional history from your chosen exchange.
The Simple Bot is safe and secure. Illuminex never takes custody of your precious assets, they remain in your exchange accounts.

Manual trade tool

It is always difficult to take advantage of crypto market ups and downs when you have other important things to worry about like work, family, etc. We have created a very simple way for you to quit missing out on these important market fluctuations.

With the Manual Trade Tool you can:

Quickly and efficiently get coin information from our easy-to-use interface.

Create customized alerts to let you know when the market is making your desired changes up or down so you can quickly purchase or trade your crypto.

With a free sign up you can use the Manual Trading Tool and get 100 custom alerts free!

Get full personal exchange account reporting.

Index Tool

Coming Soon!

Market-Making Tool

Coming Soon!